Let Me Tell You Somethin' Bitch

Let Me Tell You Somethin' Bitch

Born out of the monotony of being quarantine single, "Let Me Tell You Somethin', Bitch" is a podcast about everything. I have stories out the ying-yang. Now, let me tell you somethin', bitch.
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Recent Episodes

Neppy Tunes

May 14, 2022

This week's episode is an update on Neptune. I literally went from not believing in pets, to loving, Neptune Tigerlilly Roi, like I have loved no other. Am I...a middle-aged dad 🤣? I guess so, because it's the him fuh me.  …

Being Is A Spectrum

May 7, 2022

I've been gone for a while, now I'm back on da same shit I was 🤣. In deez trying times, that for many equate to their whole damn lives, we need to acknowledge that existence is a spectrum; band together and vanquish the ruli…

Living Occupied

April 2, 2022

Gil Scott-Heron said, "the revolution will not be televised," knowing that true revolution happens in people's minds; is the evolution of our thinking. Very many people, indiscriminate of color or creed, have just recently f…

Surreal Shit Be Happening

March 29, 2022

I decided to chat about the slap, because I felt like respectability politics and the colonial compulsion to erase black women were causing folks to be deliberately obtuse.  There is literally legislation being passed to sto…

Free Adnan

March 19, 2022

Though I am not a true crime podcaster, I've been known to give them a listen. In fact, the first podcast I ever listened to was "Serial," back in 2016. I became obsessed with Adnan's case, because it was such a clear case o…

Incest...Is It Really A Problem

March 12, 2022

I saw a viral tweet wherein these cousins came out as a couple and black twitter started draggin' them 😭🤣😂. I decided to do an episode about my stance on incest and I might get dragged too, but at least I'm telling the truth…